Mechanical  Electrical & Plumbing
Commercial Cleaning Services
Sustainable Solutions                      Sustainable Results
Hexa provides high quality facility maintenance and facility management programs for government and private sector institutions, including Manufacturing, Retail, Industrial, Office, Mall, Hospital, etc.

Hexa offers scalable solutions to support your facilities management by leveraging best resources and subject matter experts. We proudly offers our expertise in the fields of :

Hard Services:

Multi-Technical Maintenance
- Electrical and Lighting Systems
- Fire Systems
- HVAC and Mechanical
- Plumbing Services
- Energy Management
- Labor Supply
Soft Services:

- Cleaning                          -  Tea Lady
- Reception                        -  Shampooing Carpet
- Landscaping                     -  Pest and Rodent Control
- Messenger                       -   Helpdesk
- Mail room services           -   Labor Supply
- General Cleaning              -   Kristalisasi

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